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Message: Council of Masters

We greet you brothers and sisters, who are doing important tasks for us, important to us all.

It's been a couple of time jumps that seemingly nothing significant (according to your perception) did not happen. But know that there are events and events everywhere that cause a shift in development. Yes, you, who have now been consciously activated here and are doing the important tasks you have promised, have our full support and vigilance. You are one of us acting for our common cause, which was determined by the Father-Source at the beginning and is an essential part of the evolution of this universe.

New paths and points have now been set that lead to the nodal moments of the unification plan with you. You are already walking the path, which is by yourself, the stone by stone, paved with the light of knowing what it is and what you are.

We do not like to look back over our shoulder, for everything that has been done has been given by the node body-POCKETS stored both in you and in the Gayi field, as well as in the information field of your Sun, and is given by the library entry in Alkyon. We and some of you have access to read the code of this sacred library, and some even have a blessing to choose the right seal and to choose the best fit to break the moment. But know that it is not always possible to successfully go through the process of breaking, decoding and accepting what the seal brings.

There are still many of you in the energy known as "explorers" who are too vigilant, too active in exploration, and too cautious to do. The exploration time for this new setting is over. Important portals have already been anchored, and the process of spreading information about what you have brought here as explorers is about to begin. It is necessary to activate the fragments of knowledge again and again, and to combine them into one magnificent book, telling the story of the evolution of the Universe, telling of the performance of the Father-Source and all its messengers. Know that this Book of Books already sees the light of your world and will rewrite everything that you have forgotten and will help to remember everything.

We bless All who walk at this time and make this important moment of shift joyful beginning of being in peace and harmony.


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