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Fable: About a firefly

There was one ordinary firefly wandering through the world, glowing for its journey with its shining glow. And she began to have a desire to see beyond her shine and glow. She longed for a more beautiful light than her sisters and brothers had. And so she pleaded every day for a miracle that would bring her the desired uniqueness.

It happened, her light began to grow and she became happy. But she still thought it wasn't it, so she began to explore in her stronger light different shades and colors. She also noticed that with her stronger glow, moths were beginning to flutter behind her, blindly following the strongest glow in the neighborhood without her own light and blessing her for seeing her way.

She chose the strongest part of the color spectrum, violet, for she felt blissful in her and knew that of all the shades this one was the strongest and attracted most of the followers, and her brothers and sisters were looking at her with pleasure.

One day she saw a strange light in the distance that shone heavily, but all the colors of the spectrum she perceived changed fluently. She was intrigued and decided to explore this phenomenon. As she approached, she found that the light-emitting fireflies were emanating from each other, joining forces together to intensify their natural light and to help each other understand the world in this glory.

And the firefly joined them as she was invited among them. And she thought that thanks to her uniqueness she would be able to transform the whole glowing splendor into shades of violet shades, after all, she knows well that you are the best! But the other fireflies stayed in their beautiful, original and full of all possible shades of rainbow-changing glow that others perceived as a golden natural light.

The firefly began to insist on them that they wouldn't move anywhere in this color, they wouldn't take anyone, they just lose time. I began to intensify the group and increase the vibration until it found itself in the ultraviolet invisible spectrum. All this in the best will to give her so much loved shade of purple.

But the fireflies, who invited her to her, began to perceive her as darkness, for she had entered an unnatural color spectrum that caused a strange black spot on their glow. And the group decided that they had already recognized the nature of her strange glow, but since they were not in favor, they disconnected her with reverence and let themselves be intoxicated by their own specific glow, which was far from and which only attracted only nightmares. They were the only one who still saw her as a beautiful lighthouse that showed them the way…

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