Message: Christus part 4

January 28, 2019

Greetings again my beloved. It is time for me to show more of my well of truths about you.

There are many of you who have not yet come to know my nature and role in your present time. You do not realize that before 2019 years ago, when I think you came here in your key role in the physical body, there has been a lot of things that have moved you to the point where your actions have determined what has been going on for centuries. and values, shaped your relationship with the universe, is gone. It is an old and very dark, stagnant and rotting energy that has suffocated you so much that spontaneous screams have made you wake up, and this cry of despair has sparked a time of great change in your re-adjustment through holy energies and seal codes.

At this moment of that spontaneous scream of despair, Father-Source decided to hear this shining and genuine plea, and therefore activated his messengers and saved and helped them create the conditions that began the new coming of the Messiahs here on Earth. It is the activation of the truly old souls that have now been sent to Earth, whether in physical bodies or as powerful spiritual beings, or purifying and refreshing energies flowing through all sorts of portals. They are also here, including the old deities and the spirits of powerful shamans, mages and druids, to help you get the much desired and necessary changes inside you. Only in this way are we able to set the process of revival of this corner of the universe without your violent collapse or even being dominated by alien beings that are far ahead of you in terms of technology, but do not respect as far as advanced beings the universe codex and principles of harmonious development without external intervention or control.

However, do not expect miracles, do not expect that you will only be viewers of these changes. Not beloved, it is up to each of you to join in, decide whether to act in favor of change. It is a complex process that will purify the dark energies in all and everything. It will be a process through the multitudes of those workers of the light-light who will break down the walls of the dogmas of the old churches, to free them from the light of knowledge enslaved in the dark chambers of sects and manipulated religions. It will be a joyful and painful process. It will depend on everyone joining him, either as an awakened light propagator or a passive recipient of the shift, or trapped in the old energies to fly against the light stream - but only until his journey reaches the point where his voyage stops because dark energies will lose their powerful energy and he will see the massive flows of crystal energy of change that will light up all your life around you.

My beloved, it all depends on you whether you accept us and want to manifest these changes with us in your lives. We are here for you, we love you and we want to help you in any way you accept us as your helpers, as brothers and ambassadors of the beginning dimension, and together we make another move on the path to harmony even in such a wobbly place as your current planet. After all, everything is expelled to extreme positions here, that this has no similarity in the whole universe. You have such a variety of possibilities of contradictory ways that you can no longer maintain this. You need to understand how you are interconnected and how your actions affect you, the Gayiu planet with which you are directly bound, and how you must be protected in relation to the universe, because in your ignorance you can disrupt many in it.

I am the master Jesus here, I will speak to all who open my hearts to me. I'm here to help you direct you to the calmer waters of life. And I'm not alone here, because all the masters are here with me who have sworn to help you through the non-violent shift of your consciousness. Amen.

Jeshua Christus


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