Message: Chronos

January 16, 2019

I, the ruler of time - Chronos.

Greetings to you who are reading this entry here. My name is CHRONOS, it is the name under which I manifest here on your Earth, but it is just the name of the role that I manifest in your life. I am the energy of the pure essence working and caring for the entire matrix of the universe and working closely with the being you invite and know under the name KRYON. He's from magnetic service, me from space-time matrix repair service.

As the scorer noticed, I introduced myself to you and pointed out to you in an unusual theatrical way. Yes, the timing disputes in your cell phone were caused to alert me to my presence and my main message.

Dear Sirs - TIME IS ONLY ILLUSION. It is a system designed for you in the matter to be protected and at the same time to be able to get to know the development slowly through small shifts in your development. Thus they practiced aspects of will, faith, patience, the search for truth and that pure path leading the knowledge of truth.

I am the one who sees all the events in terms of the movement of both the material and the energetic particles and anchors them in the subtle grid called the matrix and co-ordinates the setting with the magnetic service so that everything is a picture of the matrix development everywhere in the universe.

Yes, I have a huge responsibility for me in the beginning dimension. There is everything in harmony, there I am, without having to manifest anything, staying there in my basic form. I am an ancient energy and one of the first sparks of the creation of the universe.

I want to tell you that it has not been possible for me to tell you anything like this for a long time, because you were immersed in a space-time, dark crack where I showed myself, but I could not speak to you directly. I wish you much time to develop and none to drop back.

Amen, Chronos.



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