Message: Christus part 3

January 11, 2019

Again, I greet you with my beloved, who is open to your heart and has received my word to see.

Those who read these words with an open heart, free of mind, bounded by the dogmas of many ages by the oppression of a free mind based on the joy of the gift of life, will open up new opportunities to look at the world in a different setting and depth of perception.

As you are sure, many people are wearing or have noticed in your area, or have noticed, there are gradual changes. Changes that are unacceptable for some, as they break old structures and orders you are used to for many generations. It is as if you slowly but surely melted a piece of ice under your feet, on which you are still so long but reliably floating through the river of life.

But why not find the courage to replace this stiff and cold block that barely buys you above the level of awareness of life in full beauty and diversity. Why not jump from the ice to the beautiful Ark, which will give you the opportunity to drive your cruise and allow you to sail where your heart is attracted. Why not board the Ark, which gives you the opportunity to visit beautiful places that were hidden and unavailable. Why not try to change the direction of the cruise to the port where a beautiful country awaits you full of life, harmony and respect and understanding.

Yes friends, you have a great opportunity to change at this time. But it is not that I, the Son of God, as you call me, would command you, order it, threaten with perdition eternal or infinitely great sin. Not beloved, nothing like that! No advanced being of the universe can ask or ask for you. It is only your free choice that is conditioned by awakening from lethargy, unconsciousness, fear or manipulation.

You must understand that I am only your helper on the road to knowledge. Nothing more or less. After the human race reaches the level of being synchronic with the energy of Mother Gaya and you link your hearts to its sacred energy, you will be able to perceive every nuance and expression through your heart. And she will reward you with this wonderful flowering that has not been here for many years. And together with it you will create a huge light bridge that will open the entrance portals to other worlds and dimensions. There you will know that what you have believed up to now is no longer needed, for you will understand that you are part of a magnificent whole that is intertwined with strings for you for the time invisible energies and everything intertwines, reacts, transforms or creates.

Beloved, at this point you will attain as a whole enlightenment and become the rightful beings of the universe. And we will no longer need us here and we will return to the beginning dimension from where we were sent to you as ambassadors. Come on, Amen.



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