Message: Christus part 2

January 7, 2019

I greet you again because I led the scorekeeper to act, surely forgive me. Oh yes, but first it has to be strengthened, that is clear to me, for this communication requires a great deal of energy, both to me and to vibrate in a protected portal that has been created for this purpose.

So today I want to discuss with you some important aspects that have somehow disappeared from my teachings that I have left here. I have to say that even after the death of St. Peter, my community of disciples and followers of this component of the knowledge of the truths of the universe has put on the wrong part of the teachings, which, without understanding the whole, has led to misunderstanding and completely evolving in another direction. And you will wonder where. Well, wherever the one who always holds you here for his amusement in ignorance, darkness and fear is always lurking. You may find it ridiculous to read about this aspect of the dark side.

Oh yes, it's funny, it's unacceptable to many of you. After all, what he says here for nonsense, perhaps the scorer looked at Star Wars and is out. A mistaken beloved, a great deal of your mistake to look at what is said to you in these words. Lucifer is just like I am here. We both have our mission saved to us by the Source, for we only manifest the essential essences that blend here and set the boundaries. I guarantee that every one of you must go through this, either in this or some of his innumerable incarnations. And each of you will feel this boundary, as the transition from light to darkness or from darkness to light is always perceived very intensely. But this boundary is not fixed, it is not static, it is flexible and pliable according to how far you have gone in your self-knowledge, how far you have moved in the perception of the universe.

I have my multitudes of those who spread the light of knowledge and show you where the path of knowledge leads. Whenever you decide to ask me, or Source, to walk in the light, we will come to your aid. But know that you need to earn it, it doesn't work by folding your hands to prayer and becoming a miracle. This could never be manifested in this way, for remember that you are all equal and if everyone has the opportunity through prayer to simply manifest what they are asking for in your world, you would be destroyed. I know what people in prayer are able to say, what they have in mind, what they really have in their hearts.

It is very painful for me to feel this, and I am most sorry for how many of them sit in the so-called "Temple of the Lord" as my lost followers call their sanctuary. For they are led by those who have fallen into the arms of darkness and are trying to trample the sacrament of my teaching forever. It is sad to see the few beautiful beings glowing with pure flame in the ranks of all earthly churches or orders who are trying hard to resist the dark odds. But it's a futile fight. The change must come from outside.

The change comes from those who are no longer intimidated by old dogmas and who have the courage to open their hearts and start communicating directly. This will open up to you the beautiful door of the temple of knowledge and begin to flow beautiful energy, a golden beam directly from us. He will show you the way, he will purify you, he will give you strength. Beloved, it is time for great changes, for you have long been trapped mostly beyond the dark border. It is time to move this line and establish a new balance in your world and at this time, to earn more space and time shining through knowledge, understanding and tolerance. These are the pillars that form the foundations of the entire advanced universe. These are the basic aspects of "Love".

Love is not that you will hide behind this word and in fact you have no respect for yourself! Only those who are in harmony and self-esteem with reverence and love have the true power of emanating light that is uncovered, pure and will be a beacon in the path of the stray, wishing to light this light, wherever they may have lost in any place of darkness. even this light is then a lifeline for Lucifer's servants. Only those with such a pure heart are my ambassadors and have the power not to get lost in the dark side. Amen.






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