Message: Christus

January 3, 2019

I greet you again, for the scorekeeper has invited me again and I am extremely glad that I have the opportunity, besides those who are in captivity of delusion and dogma, freely and at a level that I have long considered impossible, to express myself and act.

So I'll follow up on my first words in this new year. As I have already told you about myself, I manifest myself in any corner of the Universe, in any time and space I can choose any form of expression and action through which I help to understand.

According to your dogmas, you attribute this to the gods, but know that it is not. There is nothing I can do and what you would be denied. Here also! Only I am being directly delegated without filters and veils, without separation from the beginning dimension. And I will tell you that I am not the only one. There are other delegated beings with me who perform similar tasks, or prepare our missions and protect us, because we can also be attackable during them.

That is, through the missions, we take with us the burden of the necessary ignorance and limitations to be "masked and acceptable" for those for whom they are being realized. For this time and space I am here as one of three who lead a great counsel of ascended masters in the temple of light. But it is only one of many of my simultaneous manifestations, for I am not bound by time and space as it is in your present dimension.

Likewise, I can manifest myself in another form in another universe. But I can also come to each of you through the opening of your heart's gate. It doesn't matter if you are a devotee of a church or a man atheist. I come to anyone who lets me in and is tuned to this shift in my universe's perception. I even come under a different name, because it is my nature and the determination of what I do for the universe. We always work according to the principle of the Holy Trinity and in the number of 12 rays of manifestation in the universe.

Even the one who writes knows precisely my code that can, under certain conditions, manifest me in your dimension. But I would still go ahead with your perception of the time of events, which may or may not be fulfilled. And know that there are, besides him, the world of wonder 11, who are currently walking in the physical body and carrying that ability within themselves, whether sealed or already activated.

I know that for some of you this is hard to understand, that I communicate in this spirit, in this quality. But know that this is what you are able to accept and understand at this time. After all, it is enough to look at the basic qualities and knowledge of your scientists, especially in the field of quantum physics and string theory. This is the path that opens up new opportunities for you to understand the universe and understand who you really are. Yes, I read the writer's thoughts on what he thinks of a new matrix program setting in your dimension, specifically in the sector around the Sun. Yes, when you put together pieces of what has happened over the past 10 years, you feel what is happening to some of you, then you just confirm that the code has been overwritten.

This means that new trigger codes have been inserted into the matrix to allow change and release the old behavioral algorithms of you and the energy around you. But don't think it will be progress as in the idyllic rendition of your future in some scifi film. Not that. You and only you, as a whole, must make changes. Don't expect anyone to do it for you. Though there are many of your protectors (you wonder how many dimensions, space and civilizations are to your interest and help and protection!). They are just in the background of what you have to do yourself.

I will finish my speech today, for it is time for the writer to work.

With honor, Christus.



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