Me, Christus to the new year

January 2, 2019

Me, Christus to the New year


I greet all of you who believe in me, and those who hate me in my life, and those who hate me. Today I will tell you a few words about myself.

My true nature is, and has always been, and will be like yours. I'm not a being that is above or below. I am here because you have asked me through your hearts in this way.

Oh yes, I come from the Church doctrine brought to you from the Father whom you call God. I am born from the (Home) dimension of the Father, but we are all in our immortal genuine nature. So the only difference is that you have received from the Father (a nice sign, but in most civilizations called "Source" or "Dimension of the beginning") the gift of life.

You ask for sure when we have the gift of life, how come I don't have it? But of course I have, but other nature! :) You have volunteered for us all and everything to separate from Source, as let's say explorers of the beginning and end. It is an important aspect of manifestation, which is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega of what we are. Do not think that the energy of the whole university is just what you measure, see, detect, or feel. There is much hidden from you, and you will never be given to understand it, for the whole mosaic is composed only when we are in communion in the beginning dimension, Source, Father-Source Home, or yours, in the house of God Almighty.

For those of you from different cultures and beliefs who are reading this speech of mine, know that if you put your own sign here of what I am writing here, it will not do anything. On the contrary, it will help you see through your veils created by dogmas, fear, manipulation and redemption by the blood of many of you. Remember that I manifest myself in the universe as it corresponds to the event, or how best I am accepted by those for whom I come to act. Surely the question arose now whether I was born on Earth only once, or was there several times.

For you, therefore, I am as a pure essence in the human body - a being born and born without external intervention here on earth from coming to the world to natural departure, I have been here many times. Realize that I am the "Son of God", or one who leads and helps to understand who we are. You are not the first or last manifestation of the will of God, or the development of the Beginning dimension. It may help you to imagine the beginning dimension as a self-extracting zipped program that begins to unfold according to various matrix algorithms, creating beautiful manifestations of itself in many forms, energies, dimensions, universes, as well as the smallest manifestations you know or hide. And imagine me as a hidden application running in the background that activates when the startup conditions occur. Funny, isn't it? :)

Yes, that's enough for today, because the scorer asked me to take a break. Even though I want to tell you a lot, I honor those who help me and understand how challenging this way of communication is to you. But I will tell him and you that this will become more and more simpler and easier, because through my words written here at this time on the quantum level they cause a significant shift. This is my gift to all of you, that is what has been proclaimed by many that I will come here again to act.




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