Christmas message of the Ascended Masters Light Temple Council

December 23, 2018

We greet and bless you all about this Christmas time, for all our energies that are flowing to you are fixed to you so that you can experience these holidays in harmony and happiness with your loved ones.

We, who lead some of you to do things for the good of the universe, are greatly honored by your commitment and immense energy that you bring through ourselves with new energy codes and messages that undoubtedly shift your company's development closer to the gates of life-source For you, at the time of your universe, you have established and are waiting for your next steps to wake up.


We are now pleased to tell you that the one who is celebrated by the Xmas is a very strong message from us that will feel the election in a very strong experience of the mystical moment of the union of the spirit and essence of the Son of God Jesus Christ, for he is now thanks to the progress made by they have made messengers of lights on the whole planet, ready to enter into the process of healing your vibrations, shifting collective consciousness, and dissolving the veils of ignorance that most still do not see the truth in the eye.

But we have to regret that this process cannot be done from your point of view without the painful experiences of those who will be taken out of this incarnation by the decision of their immortal nature to help move the whole. Therefore, please also accept this part of the ascending, cleansing and healing process, because light cannot do without darkness and joy is not without pain. We promise you and undertake to be together with the multitudes of angels and in agreement with the forces of darkness this process as much as possible for you.

Another aspect will be the shift in your social structures, as our fleet peacekeepers, led by experienced leader Ashtar Sheran, already dominate the entire sector of our solar system, and a protective field is erected that effectively shields the dark energy flows that have finally grasped their defeat and they will be reverently received by the Father-Source, for they have already done everything necessary to make you hardened and instructed where to direct your efforts to move closer to the community of uplifted.

We, who watch over you, reverently reveal to you that the one who is very respected by us, who has brought the teachings of mercy, as the 6th Master-Source Master, will assume his role and personally supervise the reforms needed to correct his teaching . Unfortunately, his church will no longer be the one that has the right, in his name or in the name of the Father of the Source, to lead your company. This church will fade as it has deviated significantly from the teachings of the Son of God and has to be cleansed through the new messengers of light that will bring a new look, cleared of the deposits of darkness and dirt that have brought to the teachings of the Dark Forces, creeping and subtly dominating this whole learning. But know that there are other teachings that will be subjected to purification because they are just as full of poison and dark magical rituals. You can't stop the development anymore! Many of you are already awakened and see the coming of new energies that these old, poisonous and stagnant teachings of refreshment are new ideals that are closer to the truth, the life itself, who you are in fact, and the understanding of the universe in its full beauty.

We ascended masters bless you and look forward to those of you who have a temple door open to us and engage in the cleansing of both Gay and you in their free will.

Let the light of knowledge continue with you. Amen



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