Message: Jeshua Christus

November 7, 2018

Oh yes my beloved, I Jeshua, called by you Jesus I am touched by your present connection! My brothers and sisters, I will lead you to the final stage of your awakening and release your last seals that prevent you from connecting with my energy and the energy of my brothers and sisters from our masters dimension.

I say to you, prepare yourself, for the moment when the Holy Spirit enters Earth again, and You, Blessed, who have awakened to the light of truth, will be initiated and strengthened by me in this difficult task that you have chosen to fulfill at this time on Earth for the welfare of the whole universe. I say this to you as one of many who were born into matter to bring the light of knowledge that began to fade in my time.

Rejoice, as you walk along the path of the light and energy of the Father-Source, and I, along with the other masters, supervise you, as a parent proud of my children, as an older brother to my younger sisters, as a friend in battle to help his comrades and cover up they give them back and courage and treat the scars taken in combat. I bless you, Amen ...

Today's message received and mediated by the Fountain of Truth

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