Message: Radegast

September 29, 2018

I Radegast, the God of the Slavs, greet you, for it is many ages that you have been my children, and I have led you to your promised land, which has an incredible spiritual potential for the future generations of those who have chosen to incarnate in the center of Europe.

This country is full of energies very specific to neutral and impartial spiritual growth, independent of others around them, who have become slaves to dubious cults, clans and churches who have made people dependent and defeated beings programmed today by the dark on the side of their media, politics and religion.

You, my children, are descendants of the Pleiadians, and each of you has their genes in their DNA that allow you to perceive the reality of physical being in a more realistic way than others, and go your own way of knowledge.

You, who have accompanied from the prehistory of your withdrawal of your ancestors here on this planet in the Caucasus Gate to your arrival here in the part called Europe, is still my reference to how your offspring has developed here and influenced the history of these parts of the world and you will be surprised what else your race will do on this pilgrimage to understand others. Your time, my children, comes and be patient, for you will carry the torch of the enlightenment flame that you have taken from the nation of Tibet in the spiritual plane.

I have always been a decisive leader in Radegast, and I can no longer stand still to be idle in the hands of those who are not worthy. My nation, wake up, and do what is destined for you.

I bless you, your Radegast.



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