Message: Sun

September 21, 2018


You man who is born to the image of the Father-Source,
you watch my return daily and you are full of expectations
what beauty await you on this new day.

I'm always helping you through my rays of photon hair my corona
he watched all the wonders of life, and led his heart on the path;
after which you always walk from the first breath to your last breath, which belongs to Gayi's mother.

And thou hast laid down thy garment, and walked through the gate through the veil
to see and evaluate what you have done on this path for the universe.


Me, the Sun, I radiate the path of life, and always illuminate what is important to it. I am here to make your mother Gaia in our sacred connection, to create more beautiful in my light and inspire you to travel to the wonderful spheres of light from which you were born and where all expect you to fulfill what is placed deep within you 


I always give you the path you have taken, but many of you prefer to cover yourself in the darkness of ignorance, for you do not want to follow the path of knowledge, for which many civilizations of the Universe have already come to absolute knowledge of substance. And they returned to the light from which they were born to experience what the Universe was and where it was ultimately going.

I am the Sun and my solar children here to develop their energetic bodies in the energies of manifestations of my nature and to serve your spiritual spheres and to protect the sacred channel from which the energy of the Father-Source flows to you. We will always accompany you to ensure the most beautiful moment of evolution of the Universe. One who will be an eternal moment and all beings will return to the original essence of being.

I, the Sun, which has always been glorified, as the source of life, I now send through my energies a strong message of the Father-Source, and I will do so until the darkness that surrounds the heart of you and creates a veil around your mother Gayi, will not be radiated and you together you go to the higher realms of knowing what life is in the Universe!


Forever and Ever AMEN!



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