The truth about the Archons

September 13, 2018

About Archons:

Archons are creatures delegated by the Source, just as angels walk alongside people and influence their development to reflect their dual degree of vibration. Of course it belongs to the spheres of beings that can be described as gray to dark according to your perception of duality. But this is due to the nature of their tasks imposed on them by Source.

The first Archon named AXTOLIUS was delegated in the development of the first intelligence in the universe, which through its own path of knowledge was to develop into the image of the Source. I do not mean its physical form but its vibration, energy and substance. Of course, this development of intelligence in whatever form in the entire universe cannot do without knowledge through development. And development is only possible through the knowledge of all the principles of the law and development of UNIVERS.

AXTOLIUS was and is the beginning of this ARCHON development line, which is in the whole universe and helps in the development of all the intelligence in it. But their functions also involve very painful and reprehensible means for you, because sometimes the development of these extremely experienced lessons is necessary to make deeper knowledge of being and the essence of life through pain in intelligence.

ARCHONI is present and actively manifested in all dimensions where duality still exists, ie. in a matrix (veil) created as a means of development. It is from your 3D physical dimension to the 9 dimension. The next 10 dimension (called the ANDROMED-dimension, which portrays the transition from duality to unity, but that changes with the current direction) is transient for the next ten dimensions in the neutral zone, and then there is the 20th dimension that is the transition to the Father-Source dimension . This is merely a rough outline of how the Universe created by the Father-Source is layered and that will exist so long as the last intelligence does not develop back through the vibration and nature of its nature into the Father-Source dimension - the beginning and end of everything that was and will be . Of course, these dimensions have plenty of subdimensional-subtle energy layers with subtle nuances of vibration and quality, so those with more insight and at a higher level of development perceive these layers as another dimension…

But back to the Archons ... Just as angels have their Archangels, they also have their Archonions who command and coordinate them. For the sector around your solar system, it is a group of 12 Archonions, as a counterweight to the 12 light messengers and 12 Guardian Avatar, calling Father-Resource to help itself to avoid excessive fluctuations between Yin-Yang and the relative balance in the development of this Universe.

The Supreme, who is directly responsible for the evolution of planet Earth, is currently in the 6th dimension and is invited by his true name, NUXIODUS. He is familiar to you, for example, as Ezekiel, Seth… It is so that they too have the opportunity to incarnate on Earth in physical form to influence or do what needs to be done for your further development.

Please consider the article that initiated this dialogue, thank you.


So the first thing I must preach is that it is full of misunderstood half-truths in this text, and it is drawn from the texts written by one of those who have the opportunity to look into the records of the Akasha and the dimensions, but unfortunately is not cleansed of the filters of its veil information either in the timeline is set nonlinearly for your perception of reality, or even distorted by misunderstanding the fundamental principles prevailing in the universe. And if one begins to examine only a portion of the whole, one cannot objectively describe and describe how the whole system works, and can easily attribute to events other things than they actually have, because they are taken out of the context of the reality of the whole.

Second, he himself is not aware of it, but he works for those who are to sow fear among you and unwittingly participate in disorientation. And he tempts those who are waking up from the path to light by manipulating fear.

This is my talk about the subject you asked me about. I saint Pavel



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