Spiritual beings - beings of light and darkness?

September 6, 2018

After a long time, when we had important work outside the borders of our country, we would like to share with you our view of the spiritual beings who are here with us and accompany us with our lives. ;)

Spiritual beings who accompany us can be distinguished into two main groups, as people like to distinguish one from another. But this division is just a mere illusion that humans have created by subjective perception of the world, because the essence of each being is contained in both of these groups. So divide the spiritual beings into beings of light and beings of darkness, and let's say the specifics of how they influence us in our lives.

Imagine this system we live in as if it were a school. It is a very complex school that cannot be described. Students voluntarily come here to reach the highest level and become part of the school itself. In the course of their studies, students have two options - self-study from books, or the use of the help of teachers, who have always been and will always be there for them - as teachers of light.

However, as in any school, there must be supervisors and examiners to oversee the development of individual students - call them beings of darkness. These beings are here, whether we want them or not, and they always test us in a certain part of our study - the student is either ready and passes the exam, or is not, and will be tested until he passes the exam.

Therefore, whether or not we believe in spiritual beings, these beings continue to influence us. Nowadays, especially the majority of our lives are influenced only by the examiners, because we are stubborn and use the help of others is humiliating for us, because we ourselves know everything best, we can achieve perfection ourselves .... Oh yes, you will. But how many years will it take you to pass only one test? How long would you have to study yourself before reaching the final level of this school? …. Is it not wiser to use the help of teachers who are patiently waiting here and can explain to you what you do not understand, what you are unable to understand yourself? A wise student is the one who can listen to the teacher's advice and the stupid one is the one who thinks he can do it all by himself. He can do it himself, but how many incarnations will study one and the same lesson over and over again before he realizes that he has misunderstood what he studied.

But spiritual beings are spiritual beings. They have their tasks and act accordingly. Whether it is a teacher's approach or an examiner's approach - both of them are here to move that person further in his development. If a person reaches a certain level of development by which he overcomes all these teachers and examiners, then he can only discover and overcome all those who have accompanied him during their studies, and even such a student can become the teacher of those who have accompanied it.

Since each spiritual being contains the essence of both of these groups, the examiner can also act as a teacher if the student dares and asks in humility what the exam is about.





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