Message: Hindu

August 10, 2018

Me Hindu.

Hear my greeting to you, who are practicing some of my teachings. I am the one who, at the dawn of modern man history, had the task of spreading the first comprehensive system of belief, science and society around the Ganges River and the entire region, which was hardly at the level of your primitive tribes in these parts, and we had the task of lead to the fundamentals of knowledge of the universe.

We landed here as beings of stars, and began politely and patiently laying the foundation stones of knowledge in this region of Gaia. We built the foundations that served as study rooms and as protection zones, because not all races in the universe are for this approach and those who wanted to conquer and enslave your world were found, which happened after our departure.

We were those who, together with our brothers in Sumer, Mexico and Peru, Mongolia, Siberia, Albion, Alaska, created a defensive shield that protected you from the aggressive civilizations of the universe at the dawn of your civilization. Our technologies at that time were far more advanced than theirs, and yet they did not fight against us to use nuclear-based weapons. Mostly our force fields have eliminated these attacks, but there are 3 places on Earth where we have failed and your scientists have found traces of such an attack.

Oh yes, you have heard of palm leaves correctly. It is the remnant of our archive, in which we had all the records loaded from Gaia's force information field called Akasha, as well as the retrieved records from the cave of soul records where records of your past and future incarnations are recorded and stored in the crystals. Therefore, it is possible to look through this databank written by the elders for so much time into the fate of humanity. But be aware that it's time to overwrite and delete old records, clean up and raise to a new level. Indeed, even those who came from the stars in desire to control you have already seen and are now part of a confederation that shares and protects with us!

I am here with the other light beings in the masters' hall and together with others I help you on the way to a new understanding of your wandering and ascension to a level that allows you unprecedented growth for the benefit of everyone else in the universe. I know that those who worship the various Hindu deities will not take this message seriously, since many incarnations have passed since our physical stay on Earth, and the original knowledge, knowledge, and philosophy was distorted by the people, but know what was the energies of that epoch, therefore, look here and now within you, for there you will find the deepest knowledge, and as little children you will no longer argue who the real thing is, for those who have been here at that time, and what belongs to you You are now available in this universe setting now. Do not be afraid to look inside, do not be afraid to dive into your heart and you will be open to knowledge that few of you have understood in the past thanks to the setting.

Blessed is he who does not seek salvation, grace, gifts, or beg for mercy of the old deity, but courageously immerses himself in his midst where there is a gate ready for each of you that opens with the correct setting of your vibration and harmony with energy Father-Resources. We are waiting for you here and helping you if you do this step. Amen.

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