Message: Mother Gaia

August 7, 2018

Greetings from me, your mother's mother Gaya

 I greet you my children, for you are a creature of me on this your journey of knowledge. I was commissioned by the Father - Source to accept you here in my arms and help you to rise from the suffering that you all decided to live here in order to know the nature and fundamental principle of how the universe works.

I am the planet chosen for this mission, and together with my 3 sisters sown in the infinite universe, we are the protector and participant of this magnificent Father-Source work.

I share with you all that is happening, and what you, my children, are experiencing. As a mother of all of you, I am indulgent to you, as to every living creature, every plant, every drop of water, and every stone we create with us, and we share the nuances that we influence each other - people and we adapt to them.

I am delighted with your progress for you, who are starting to understand our interconnection and are trying to stay there not at the expense of others who come to you. I bless you, who are trying to adapt to my arms and do not care for you to usurp more than your contemporaries. But I am also sad of your actions, which, as a mother, damages me, and especially your negative energies that are circulating in you at this time, prevents you from providing my support, because your system, which draws life-giving energy from you, is blocked and if through you the energy of the Father does not flow to me, then I cannot also give you my energy by which this sacred harmonic system is complemented and harmonized for ages.


I do remember your first steps on this planet when you were still children who did not have immortal souls. But you were such a creative being that you were given a gift as one of the few races of this universe directly from the Father-Source, so that as the most humble being you can perform the sacred task of elevating the universe through your uplift and understanding of the truth. I am waiting patiently, watching your incarnations and generations as you do in this task. I suffer from you and how many of you are hurting, how many of you are hiding behind the mask of love and yet no energy is flowing through your energy system from your Father because you have a blocked chakra of the heart, which is the main cause of your current stagnation and the great awakening of the old souls in this dark age.

As a mother, I wish you to see the flames, the sparks of hope that begin to glow around the world, and hope for better times than what you have done here on Earth for the last two thousand years. I am proud of you what you can, but also as a mother disappointed, what you are able to overlook for your own comfort. And I say to you, it is time for you to wake up to go into the world of truth and stop hiding behind the dogmas of the old days and for your fear of taking lives in truth into your hands.

I Gaia wish you to rise up and finally make a vigorous step towards your transformation among the advanced universe beings - Amen.



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