Message: John the Baptist

July 21, 2018

Greetings to You from me, Prophet John the Baptist.


I have been waiting for this moment long to announce my message to you, blessed people, at this extraordinary time.

As you all know, I was sent by the Source on Earth to preach and prepare the coming of the Messiah. I was entrusted with this holy task, which filled me with such a tribute that I gave up my life without hesitation, allowing people to enter the awareness of Master Jeshua Christ, who is now my brother and closest friend in the master dimension.

I understood in this incarnation and before her that I would have to lay down my life for the proclamation of the coming of the Messiah. It is so, whenever the truth comes into the world, it is torn down and crushed into the ground by the dark side. But the human spirit and the desire for truth again and again lead the human spirit on the path of truth, and never this magical revelation of truth comes to nothing, for the powers of darkness cannot overcome or silence the desire of the human soul for light and the way to the Father-Source.

Let me tell you a little about the principles of baptism, as the Christian churches call it.

If I can call it, then technically, as a reboot of your spiritual body, thanks to the magnetic power of water, which, together with the intent of the person concerned and the help of a spiritually mature baptist, allows you to start with a "clean table" and start walking in truth and light the path of knowledge of the universe and of what is your task here on Earth.

Techniques modified for today will be published through the Source of Truth in the form of a manual by Master Etiops, for he also led me in the incarnation of John the Baptist. Therefore, enjoy and rejoice that this can be done to each of you at any time, and no church, sect, or individual should order or force you to do this!

It's just your decision, and only those who will strengthen Etiops can help others go through this process of personal revival. Know that today the baptism of a child, as such, does not mean anything. It's just a tradition and a way the church controls you and yet has no power over you. Only your fears and fears based on the decades of lies and misinterpretation of the teachings of Master Jeshua make you baptize your children and think they are saved for life. Oh, what a mistake, what a misconception that a newborn child of God would not be under protection! After all, the whole heavens rejoice at the birth of a child.

Of course, I do not discourage you from this habit, it is a beautiful habit, I just explain that baptism is not a cleansing from some sin, but a restart, according to your present language. This is a significant step in the spiritual sphere, but only in the awakening individual who has seen and wants to walk the path of light to the Father-Source.





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