Short Fable - Heart

July 19, 2018

Rooster crowed his song and stood in the middle of the yard. I was proud of her strong voice and varied feathers on her wings. He swung and turned in all directions. He encouraged everyone and showed everyone what he was endowed with. And all the animals came to the yard and admired the rooster. And he sang them all to his crowd song.

I felt the most perfect creature on Earth and convinced myself to be the darling of Heaven. The Gods sent him the melody to sing and put in a perfect speech. The Gods painted his wings. No other creature is so blessed and none is so beautiful. I cocked the cock all day and all night, crowing his song and flicking his wings. The animals around him could be admired, their praise appreciated and encouraged them to proclaim fame.

There was a small faucet in the corner, he had a lame wing and never made a sound. But in his heart he always had good and love, and he was popular for his actions. But that day he felt ashamed. "How can I deal with the perfect singing…". Then suddenly the heavens opened and the light messenger entered the earth. Animals humbled their eyes in humility and made their place respectfully. And they all wanted to give him back, so that one whose glory and perfection reached Heaven would come out of their midst.

The Angel stopped here in deep calm, expecting a singing smile with a gentle smile. But there was a crunch and creaking from the throat, hoarse the one who praised the world. He fluttered his wings in desperation, his eyes bulging.


Here the Angel instructs the lame faucet - "You sing, give love to the world ..." And he sang his heart to the world, and the beasts and the Angel wept, and Heaven filled the beauty.



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