Message: Zeus & Hera

July 10, 2018


"Greetings to all of you who read this message, for your journey to know and uncover the truth of the Universe is on a good path.

I am now in the 6th dimension far from Gaia for many light years and now my mission is different from that in the early history of your civilization. Back then, I was in charge of the Confederation and Father-Source to oversee the development of a civilization residing on the Pelopones Peninsula.


It was we who communicated with the elders of this civilization and laid the foundations for the functioning of society through the development of their knowledge not only of the spiritual world, but also of social technology and science. It was a wonderful time to form the foundations of your civilization.

In these times, many of us have lived here on Earth in different parts of the world and have spread knowledge to different nations. I am delighted that today you are still honoring some of the foundations of the principle of how a company works, although it has already been heavily clouded by the successful work of the counterparty.

But even this is part of your lesson and you don't have to worry about it, because even the dark side is an important part of your development and only you decide whether to avoid its pitfalls and get closer to your goal you are committed to. "Hera:

"I Hera, the goddess who has always accompanied Zeus on his missions today I am proudly at his side and fulfilling my mission that I received from the Father - Resources.

I am the one who has the task of protecting all the worlds of your galaxy from those who violate the universe code because there are many civilizations in the material and intangible universe that are very interested in your planet.

Therefore, if you feel that someone is wronging you, then do not hesitate to address me, as I, like the other ascended masters, will help you as much as your open heart allows me. "



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