Message: HORUS

July 10, 2018

"Greetings from me, HORUS, the ancient god who ruled over the people of Egypt until the coming of the son of God - Jeshua Christ.

I know that many of you will not fit this message into the context of your Holy Scriptures and the history of history as taught by your scholar. But know that my job was to lead the old civilizations of the north of today's continent, called your speech Africa and the so-called Middle East at that time, called the Sumerian Empire.

I was sent here to put the foundations of technology in the 5th dimension and link it to the DNA of the nation and the land where these nations lived, for it is the union of energies that will lift the nation on its way to knowledge and the rise of faith, technology and understanding laws of the universe.

I helped humankind to understand whether a possible existence is consistent with the planetary cycles, and aided their chosen ones in their journey to us ascension to masters. After all, the pyramids are still functional to this day.

For those who are ready, there are portals that allow you to communicate with us, or your involvement in missions throughout the universe on the light side. Unfortunately, the second and the main function of this wonder of the world called you is not working these days.

These monuments, built in the nodes of the magnetic lattice of Gaia, served as receivers of mighty energies that saturated the Gaia energy of the Source - the Father. Many similar devices are hidden across the planet, but few are still in operation.

But let's go back to the topic of history, which is described by your present form of the Holy Scriptures.

Before the coming of the Son of God, there were a few prophets who mediated his coming. You all know the name of the father of the Jews of Moses. Oh yes, it was he who recognized and was sent to reform the perception of Source - the Father of all of you. His task was to bring the teachings of the chosen priests to the knowledge of their lifelong lives in the schools of my temples of knowledge.

Indeed, even Moses was familiar with the many sciences and knowledge of my teaching. But he felt it necessary to deepen and bring the teachings closer to all people, not just the chosen ones, who at that time used the teachings to consolidate their domination. Therefore, his followers have disconnected from the people of Egypt to create a civilization that is based more on equal access to the spirituality of each person, but also on accountability for their actions.

Since this step required a relatively long time and a pilgrimage through complicated and inhospitable lands, it was necessary to establish for them the rule of 10 laws that you know as the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament.

But know that this is my message to you that these laws are no longer meant for you at this time! You live in a time when each of you's free will manifests itself in every decision you make during this incarnation and is subject only to the laws of the universe, and whatever you do is not judged; and you yourself do what you have saved in this incarnation.

There is nothing like the original sin in this time, but there is a veil of unconsciousness built between your immortal nature and you. It is a necessary setting for browsing lessons that your immortal nature determines by your own development. And only you yourself can process these lessons successfully or unsuccessfully and move on your way to your awakening and understanding of your role in the Universe.

I HORUS bless you on your way to understanding the universe and wish you much light on your pilgrimage at this time. "



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