Fulfillment of Part Three of the Fatima Prophecy

June 26, 2018

"I Jesus speak to all

Be blessed by everyone who reads these lines. It has been a long time since my ascension and it is time for the 3rd Fatima Prophecy. In the Vatican's secret archives, the true nature of this message of my mother, preached to pure childhood souls, is kept in this sacred place. But it is hidden and deliberately distorted by the world, for it concerns the destruction of this church, as well as other religions that have been distorted by humans and dark forces. Again, the time of my coming to this world is coming, though not in physical form, but through the reform and correction of the teachings I have given you here along with the other ascended masters. I am sad about the state in which my church is situated, and I will do everything to repair everything through my messengers of truth!



About the Fatima Prophecy:

"Let's try to interpret the three mysteries as a whole. In the first mystery, the vision of hell is revealed. In the second mystery, the Lady explains that the souls of poor sinners are falling down. If there is a dedication to Russia to the Lady of Fatima, there will be peace, otherwise Russia will spread heresies around the world and incite wars, even when the bloody era of Stalinism started in Russia. insulting God, another war begins during the pontificate of Pope Pius XI Many nations will be destroyed, and World War II really broke out.


In the third mystery, a vision is revealed in which Mistress still holds the punishment of the Archangel Gabriel over the people. The bishop in white is walking with his entourage a ruined city full of dead. Then on top of the cross, everyone is killed. This is related to the secret part of the prophecy, where the serious spiritual crisis of the Church or even the coming of the Antichrist and the Apocalypse are probably described. Whether these events begin or culminate in the death of the bishop / pope in white is not clear. But the Fatima mystery ends in hope, the promise that the Immaculate Heart of Heaven will ultimately win the Lady, and the world will be given peace.


The question is how much Lucia has managed to preserve the authenticity of the Lady of Fatima. In 1917 she was a girl who could not read or write. In 1921 she entered a monastery where she was obliged to live according to strict religious regulations, absolute discipline and observance of the orders of the superiors. Lucia told the Church the wish of the Lady of Fatima in 1925 at the latest (invocation of the Immaculate Heart, consecration of Russia, prayer of the Rosary, celebration of the Sabbath). However, she wrote down the first two secrets only in 1927, but she had to destroy her notes. For the second time, she formulated the first two secrets in 1939-40. And only in 1944 did he report the third secret for the first time. He then writes his 1917 vision (an angel with a flaming sword and the death of a bishop in white) and perhaps the unpublished words of the Lady (which the Lady dictates to her then). So the question remains, how many of the three Fatima secrets communicated to the three children in 1917 were actually published and to what extent did they retain their accuracy.


We understand the message to the people through Lucy Sister as a reminder that the fate of all mankind depends on each of us. Not just those who are in secular or ecclesiastical power, but really in every human being. The Lady of Light itself in Fatima has made it clear that every person is important, without exception, and has given her message to people not through high church or secular leaders but three children in the poor world. We all must take responsibility for our world, respect it as well as our creator, and be prepared not only to take but also to give. And perhaps there is a hidden reminder of the female divine element - that is, always standing and standing by Jesus to form a whole together. "



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