Announcement and Message: Saint Paul

June 28, 2018

We wish you a relaxing evening. ✍️😊


As you may have noticed, since yesterday we have published some important messages we received from the masters. These messages came in very strong energy and are not the only ones that will be published through us.

We understand, and we absolutely understand, that you will not want to hear from everyone the message that tells you through us - but remember that it was they who, with a pure heart, walked here and passed on to us all the pure and peaceful teaching that we had to show people the way to uplift. Be open to all the messages that come and decide for yourself whether you still have anger and disgust at you, what you are not judged about, because you have not accepted it yet, or whether you accept everything that is relevant to your lesson, as part of your life and you will learn love and understanding or at least stop judging.


Here is a brief statement by Master Paul

Many of you know me as an apostle :) on this subject:

"You ask how it is possible, how a group can do something like that just to publish ... oh yes, maybe it works on some of you as a" strong cafe "but it doesn't change the fact that through every one of you what These lines read these messages, they can see the light of the day, just need to have faith, be prepared and tuned to such kind of communication, most people reject this message, or even the idea that it is possible to communicate directly with us right in its own right Just know that it is! You just have to get rid of the fear and rejection of this gift that brings this time, but I warn you what you want through your ego to be just interesting to others and control others by presenting yourself as our chosen !

No, this motivation will drive you from the very beginning to the opposite side, which will gladly offer you its generous arms and give you the full advantage of your physical dimension of being. And the worst thing you can do is improve your attitude with drugs or other stimulants! I assure you that NEVER and I repeat NO, who is thinking or advancing in this way is not allowed into the dimension of us masters, but is only deceived by the counterpart, who likes to play for you unhappy theater to get you under your control.

Therefore, do not hesitate to work on yourself at any moment, so that you are an honest approach and a pure heart in which the pure energy of your father-resources are ready for this wonderful communication that will comfort and advise you on the path you walk back to Source-Father. I tell you this, who, in his key incarnation, lived in this way and walked alongside the Master Jesus at his time! "



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