Short Fable - Perfection

June 28, 2018

A bird flew to the sky and wanted to look into the sun. After all, he was the strongest eagle on Earth and defeated his opponent so many times.


When he controlled everything with power on Earth, Heaven should also belong to him.


I flew boldly upward and expected her success. "Now I will conquer all the heavens, and the sun will shine only for my glory."


He was proud and flew directly to the Sun and did not listen to any voice. After all, who could advise him, a hard fighter. And he was proud of his deeds and how perfect he was.


And he flew up to the Sun, and stood proudly to him. But he could see that the rays were strong and his wings would burn, but his pride and his greatness as a temple would not allow him to dodge, back or lower his eyes.


Such a great eagle burned to dust, and the pride of his mind brought him to ruin.




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