Message: Muhammad

June 27, 2018

"I Muhammad:


Salam alejkum to all of you who read these my rumors. I know that a lot of you are scandalized by the atrocities committed by those who pretended to be my followers in the name of Allah


I, who passed through the desert and was born in a culture so different from yours, please do not condemn all my students. There are many enlightened souls among them, just as you will find in your religion. But as a church, my work has failed as well as the primordial teaching of the master and son of Jeshua Christus.


I was just trying to adapt this message in a culture that is very specific due to difficult living conditions and climate. Unfortunately, church devotees of the Master of Jesus disrupted the delicate balance that caused the dark energy to be written into the matrix of the Qur'an, and this poison is, unfortunately, strengthened by the force of injustice and the arduous situation in those countries.

Unfortunately, in our efforts to prevent this devastating and light-damaging development, it is unfortunately necessary to allow this culture to blend into your countries, so that these forces can be neutralized and a period of understanding arises.

It will be a painful process for all of you, but know that it will help in the process of reverence, understanding, and return energy to the harmony of the center, and the shocks will cease as any storm will turn into a sunny day. Only those who believe only in the mammon of one life, physical and emotional pleasures - will be afraid. The others rejoice, for the world will develop for the better and it is up to you how long this transitional period will last. "



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