Message: Mother Maria

June 27, 2018

The Message of the Mother Maria


Blessed are you who have joined in reading these lines. I the Mother of God, who walked the earth at a time when the word God was pronounced with fear, and some nations chose mediators for their journey - the deities to flow through them through them, I pray for you, for the time is coming when you need my help and my arms will be open to everyone.


I protect all mothers without distinction of race or religion, because we have no differences between us in the importance of our tasks, nor in the hierarchy of our Father - Source. We are ascended masters who are motivating you to the final moment of your enlightenment and elevating the human collective spirit to a new level that will allow you to draw on the gifts that await you. But this decision is up to you, for you have every free will, and at every moment of your life you can choose to take a step towards the light or drown in the dark.


Please try all those who read this message from the bottom of your heart to yearn for life, where there is respect between you, where you honor all life, where you care for your beautiful planet Gaia, and the flora and fauna are fully in favor of your love and respect.


I bless you on this journey, and I ask that you stop suffering and worry about the uselessness that only mammon puts on you - the veil of unconsciousness with which you are born, through you through your path, through the lessons of your present incarnation, through awakening and working on yourself. Amen




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