Message: Buddha

June 27, 2018

I Buddha bless you.


The last time we talked in Prague was that my followers are warriors and harmony protectors, but they have new tasks from now on - and to actively engage in the spread of light with other enlightened and awakened brothers, regardless of race or faith - for harmony is the basic energy of the Source - the Father, who is to enter the earth into every creature - including man.


He is a man, the only creature on earth who has embezzled his mission and rejects his gift given to him by the Father himself. For many ages, many of the universe's beings are waiting for this moment, as it will move the entire universe to another plane of being and it will no longer be necessary through the vibration-reducing portals to manifest energy on the physical plane, the entire universe will rise to a beautiful harmonious connected being, and the moment will come when all the universe will return to the moment when the Father - Source was everything.


Brothers and protectors of harmony, do not hide under the peaceful teachings of the journey to the heart of your being, but also to act outside your temples and sanctuaries, for you are already called to fight human blindness and contempt for the gifts that man, as a blessed being, is endowed. After all, the DNA of thousands of worlds is inserted in you, you have the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of all the civilizations of this universe, and instead you sit with your eyes closed, your ears closed and you do not want to hear anything about your sacred task that your father has imposed on you.


My brothers of faith in my teaching, I beg you to rise up and bring light in this darkness pervaded by the awakened ones, for now it decides where the whole universe will move through the works of all of you who walk in this blessed time over the Earth.


"I Buddha will train you, I will lead you in thoughts to give you the necessary strength for the changes to be resorted to for the moment of light. So be it!"



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