Message: 12 Light Messengers

June 27, 2018

"The Message of the 12 Light Messengers:

For ages of ages, the physical principle of being a divine trio and 12 avatars - the guardians of knowledge - have always been surrounded and protected by great masters who have brought wisdom and knowledge among all civilizations in the universe.

We, who have the honor of protecting and spreading the word of truth preached to all beings of the universe, can preach these messages to you without disrupting this planetary lesson on your planet Gayi. There are 5 of us who have incarnated at this time and in this place of the universe, as we need to help in this sector make progress in education and understanding of the laws of the universe.

We, who, forever and ever, in the direction of the Father - Resources, guard and support those who spread the truth to help you understand that only you can make the changes needed to elevate your planetary collective consciousness.

There are many voluntarily descending souls from our dimension at this time in order to take advantage of this unique time to uplift your consciousness and stop the many ages of darkness that have lasted forever. But it is a time that allows great progress, both on the dark side and on the light.

It is up to each of you to add to the side to which his momentary vibration attracts him, or to experience his time as unexplored. But each of you can show free will - it's your gift, your privilege! So we urge you to think about throwing away this gift at this time, or you will consciously say for yourself which side to follow your next path of this incarnation.

You are blessed and free, and Father-Source blesses all of you, whether you make any decision, because through you, his nature develops to the point of knowing his nature. "



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