Energy as the basis of life - Chakra system

June 25, 2018


Energy as the basis of life affects us in many ways - as being living in the material world, we are no exception - for everything is energy. These energies can be drawn by people who have certain energy perception and writing abilities - these energy writings can then give a picture of what a person is in, what affects him, what is blocked, and what his potential, the energy to which he has the attitude, the abilities to which he goes to discover them, because each being has his own personal attributes and the related abilities or skills to help the whole to the light - that is, the truth.

Energy structures are now very topical topics in the field of quantum physics, for it is realized that everything is just energy of a certain frequency (vibration) - there is no matter, just a certain energy field that our senses perceive as a solid world - that is just an illusion, because if you are allowed to see the world at an energy level, then you will see reality as it really is.


As a group, we have certain skills that can illustrate your personal energy system according to the following information.


"Can you give me more information about my chakra drawing ability?"
- Yes, it is your specific skill that we have connected you with a direct link to the soul database, and you then have the option to request the loading of each soul and even enter any of their time points, or even the incarnations that we will allow you to look at.


"So when I ask, do I have to specify that I demand the current state of the soul in question?"
- Yes, it's like your PC, when you want to get information from the temple, we need to know:
1) Who
2) The time of its status you want to load
3) What do you want to read about it
- Basic vibration
- Energy field (aura)
- Energy Flow State (QI)
- The state of the chakra system
- The condition of the astral body and its connection to the physical
- The state of the physical body from the perspective of influencing and disposition to the aforementioned properties
- Recommendations for remedy or treatment - ie. not only to solve a health problem, but also to prevent it and also to tune all the above-described things for better functioning of the whole
- Connecting to significant energies that open or predetermine or have determined their mission in the past
- Displaying negative energies that prevent task, development, or cause problems at all levels of its being - also the energy of inhumane people or places
- also instructions for proper treatment - tuning - initiation, or other interventions needed to correct things
- Karmic burden - we can describe and justify treatment, or see if it is forbidden to intervene
- The interaction of two people and their energy interaction


How does this diagnosis look like:

- Chakra system diagnostics records, through the perception of a person who draws the given energy, the state of the current state on the energy plane of being, where the individual chakras, which are the main energy channels of man, are recorded in a form that depicts its attributes, dysfunctions, and general condition. The drawings are supplemented with text - messages for us to tune these energies, important messages to get and also symbols that radiate information that is also important to the person, but there is no moment of translation - he himself must then decide and get these translations, because if something is written in ciphers, then it is not its priority now, so that this information is communicated to it at that time.


- Chakra diagnostics is plotted on a plotter paper of about 42cm x 1.5-2m, depending on the development of the human chakras


Examples of Energy Diagnostics:
- We have selected several diagnostics for you to show:


Do I need to be personally present during the diagnosis?

- You don't have to, just give us permission (the order is placed here) and your basic information (name, surname and date of birth) and we'll load you through our capabilities


Web link for diagnostics:ého-systému


I have a diagnosis - and what now?

- After receiving your diagnostics on the energy level of being, then you will have access to information that will help you direct you in the right direction - everything that is important will be communicated through diagnosis - because everything has its time and place, if anything you hear it, then you will hear it - because the laws of the universe work like this.

- If you choose a faster option than tune yourself with your life path, then we can help you through tuning - whether by using an energy emitter or by direct tuning your energies - An energy emitter is a long-term energy effect that will help you to harmonize, tune is an immediate change of your energies to harmonization - but this change will not ensure long-term harmony if you return to your old life. If you want to live in harmony, you have to do it and start living accordingly. Because it's your way - no one else will help you, just give you a hint :) We recommend a combination of these two tunings to a successful harmonization on a long-term level.


We wish you harmony in your life - because that is what is important;)






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