Energy treatment or miracle? :)

June 14, 2018

Dear friends, we would like to share with you what joy we have spent yesterday :)


Among our friends, we had a young boy (let's call him Mates) who had problems with unbelievable pain in his heel, where doctors said it was necessary to give him plaster for two months to relieve him - but he didn't do it with his parents ...


Mates was sad that he couldn't go to school in nature with other classmates, which he was looking forward to. But we decided to help him.


Once he came, we sat together and got to know the principles of life in a moment - whether he was young, very wise, and with open minds - because much of the principles of energy levels can be found in children's stories;) Which is great!


After Mates was diagnosed with his chakra system by masterpiece (chakras are ideally beautiful flowers, complemented by symbols emanating its essence, disturbed chakras have a chaotic shape, or are out of axis, or simply not flowing energy - more in the forthcoming article), which captures all the energies of the human being and the energy that affects it, we captured its current state. He had two attacks - one caused by poor energy in the place of sleep, the other by energy affecting his desire for power. But it no longer lasts;) We also captured his gifts and beings who help him on his journey - namely, the master and the energy he has access to and his guardian angel. 😇


Immediately after the drawing, with his permission, we tuned his chakras - his energy system to ensure balance and defense at the energy level against these energies. After harmonization at the energy level, we have used the technique of regeneration given to us by higher civilizations - sending a man during sleep to a regenerative sarcophagus that can cure the human body at the physical level.


After a moment of hard sleep, where he even snored (which is quite funny for a little boy) :) So we continued - after the harmonization of the chakras we are able to write his runes on his body, whose energies and placement on the body will provide spiritual beings (specifically the guardian in this case) to the angels) to treat the sites according to these runes. We laughed that it looked like an antique tattoo artist - enough "COOL" 🤣

✍️ Then one of us was asked to finish the tuning - a specialist in the subtle energy of flora and mother Gayi - because Earth's mother provides us with the vital energy needed for health.


At the same time, during these processes, specific characters were translated to tell him something closer to what they wanted to convey - they were beautiful messages because he chose to spread light and love among people (and so is perceived - which is beautiful). After we finished this sitting / lying down :) his father rang us in the care - as soon as we went and wanted to put Mates on the crutches, he stood up and started jumping happily that heels don't hurt ... we were looking almost down with chin - Do miracles happen, or is it just pure Truth?


Then it was enough to fine-tune the places in his house and then he had to wish his life to be filled with love and study of life života 🙏



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