How to make our dreams come true?

June 6, 2018

Toruka - Mediated 6.6.2018 by the Source of Truth


Money is a means of material energy that serves to provide certain goods that you need to live.


You do not have to worry about borrowing this money from the banks if you can calculate what it will cost you and whether you will use these resources for your growth or pleasure. There are a lot of people who have ideas, but they don't have the courage to borrow money to fulfill their dreams, plans, goals ...


We wish you a lot of success on your journey, but if you do not follow your dreams yourself, then we cannot help you. We have a lot of energy waiting for you, but if you stand in the corner and wait for your money to fall into your lap, then you will wait until you realize that you need to move forward. Be like dragons throwing themselves to their prey - don't be afraid of failure because failure is nothing to do. If you create something, it is the path of knowledge, knowledge is the way to understand life. Without knowledge, there is no understanding - that is TRUE.



Go, take your favorite puff, take the drawing paper, paint yourself how you enjoy life. Don't you know how to draw happily? Imagine what you are dreaming about your whole life and draw it on this paper in front of you. The simplicity of drawing allows you to depict your dream - put this drawing in the place you most often visit.


However, you must also do something to fulfill this drawn vision, a dream. The first step was to draw your dream that contained your deep thoughts about life and what you really love and want to experience.


The second step will be more complicated. Think what you want to achieve in your life. Draw it! Do you want to be rich, satisfied, loved, have a family, have your own business, do a foundation, or do something for the whole world? The door is open to you.


After considering what you want to do, close your eyes and create a plan in your visions to achieve that goal - maybe you've been thinking about something for years, but you haven't had the courage to embark on that project yet. Dare, be like a lion looking for his lioness. Be yourself and proudly follow your vision.


There is nothing but your own, what your dream could ruin. You're the creator of your lives. Try to believe it and follow it in your lives.


The next step to succeed in your dreams is to insert your own energy into this dream - imagine how you feel during the creation of this dream - enjoy it, imagine how everything is doing, the idea blooms, like a lotus on the lake surface. Be as you wish to be.


Do not hesitate to get to work. Don't be addicted to others, become your own creators. This will give you a true life that you desire from the bottom of your heart.


If you are in harmony in your mind, you cannot disappoint yourself.


Amen, Toruka ♥

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