Energy implants

June 6, 2018

Neuro Manro - Mediated by Source of the Truth 3.6.2018


Hi, I greet all of you - I'm Neuro Manro - Starfleet physician led by Ashtar Sheran - I've been following you for many generations. You are my experimental subjects in opening up new skills at the energy level - I am the one who approves implants to provide certain skills and abilities.


There will be a lot of changes on your planet soon - and many of you can turn to me for a certain implant if it is allowed - It's up to you how far you have gotten and which door is now open and which closed.


I am here to order Ashtar Sheran, who listens to the wishes of the Ascended Masters and performs his role as Starfleet Commander, which aims to protect Earth from all other civilizations. This corridor is protected by a large army that exceeds several million starships. There are ships not only from the Pleiadians, but also from the Anumior, bBit, Amarion, Ataka, Estarian, Bajan, and Nubir. They all work together and wait for the moment they are here. They are expecting your awakening to such a high level that they can show up in their physical form. But this is still a long way ahead of us to be all ready.


 As a Chief Implant Officer, I focus on scientific activity - I study the energy levels of individual beings and try to allow them to grow neural energies through the involvement of energy devices (implants) that are embedded in a specific human into an aura - an energy package that contains many you can't imagine how complicated this science is. In any case, the aura is a complex structure of energy of individuals, but also of the collective - all connected by an incredibly complex network of neurons that take place between the auras of Earth and humans. Have you ever felt how strong the connection between people is? Especially if one falls in love - these are unreal connections !!! If I were to compare, I would compare these links between you, like a tree - a network of small twigs joining into a massive tree - you like every little twig nourish this tree called the collective consciousness - and that affects all the small twigs - all the people on this planet.


If you are at a level that works with your own master and you are doing well on your journey, you are balanced within yourself, you are healthy, you have good relationships and a good mood - I now have one new method for you to move on - it will not be nothing general, it is a concrete way to move further in the direction you want to go - if it is physical training, mental resilience, new skill, clairvoyance, you will all learn now.


Before we start, I'll adjust your energy - ask me for your attunement, if you don't, of course nothing happens, but if you call me, I will lead you unconsciously to do everything right and easier.


Just one comment - what you are trying to do now is training at the energy level - if you have no experience with it - take the necessary steps to calm your mind, engage your inner hearing and feel what is coming.



- Relax - let it all go, don't worry, no worries, just relax into being here and now

- Upon reaching the status here and now ask for a direct connection with your spiritual master - If you do not know the connection, ask for a connection with a being who helps you on your journey through life - it may be your guardian angel, it may be an exalted master (Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha,…) It may be God (Poseidon, Apolon, Athena,…) - Upon request, a portal will be made available to charge you the specific energy of your master. This energy stream will allow you to tune to the higher vibrations needed to perform the procedures that I will now describe.

- Once you are tuned to the energy of your master - he knows best which lesson you want to experience - We will connect with your master through channeling and agree on a specific procedure to activate certain skills (It will never be free - you need that particular skill or the ability to earn !!!). As a rule, before handing implants into your aura, you are familiar with the functioning of this implant during your dream.

- Implant activation always takes place several times a year based on your vibration value - if you are still at the same vibration level, old implants are still sufficient, but if you are at higher vibration, you will get new implants that fit your vibration level.

- You must realize that your energy is related to your skills. If you are in high vibration - you are given high vibration values ​​in the form of skills and abilities - but if you are in low vibration, your high-vibration skills no longer work - as when a fuse switches off at an elevated current, old implants can terminate service - in at that moment we are setting up new implants.


It will have been a few years since one of the people passed over an unbelievable 207 kilometers without stopping - I was supporting him personally in his performance - he was implanted with energy reservoirs, which his personal master - Atyoka (the master of all Olympus mountain runners) pre-filled. This energy allowed him to run this incredible distance without stopping. If we did not support him, he would die - but with implants from us it was possible for him to do without losing his life - but this is just an example, a simple example of how we can help you if this help is allowed.

So - tune in to your master, ask for an implant that is associated with training during sleep, an explanation of how it works, and now it goes to the point - why, what, when and how?

- When asked why I should take care of some implants, there is a simple answer - These are the devices that allow you impossible things during your lives here on Earth.

- They are devices that help you develop the skills and abilities of yourself - they are energy devices that connect energy and allow you to overcome given limits.

- Whenever you are alone and want to advance your training in your life - to fulfill your potential.

- Ask your Implant Master and test to see if your implant is suitable for you - Many people already have these implants embedded in them, but due to their level, it's like the highest update of the latest game when you're on the old computer for now the game is not able to start at all… That's the same - waiting for you to replace the hardware and software ready to be used - Thinking of changing the vibration level of yourself (Old Computer - low vibration, new computer - high vibration).
- The whole process of obtaining implants is subject to many factors - your karma, your current life lesson, your life situation, your mood, your emotional level, your vibratory level, your surroundings, your master - Everything is connected and must pass the exam as one.
- If you have a disharmony in your life, then it is hard to overcome the test and get the implant you can get.

Some implants are so complicated that several people have to come together and even require a collective force to get the implant into its energy field - they are complicated procedures requiring much energy and also love (love = support each other because we are all part of Do not forget it. Once one gets something, everyone will benefit from it.


To sum up, there are implants that will give you access to the new skills and abilities you can use during your life here on Planet Earth. as defenders and helpers in the development of the human race, as the only species that has the power of God-Source and can create an impossible life during its lifetime.


To get an implant, you need to be tuned to your master who will give you the implant. Implants are an important part of your life - they are devices that update your personal energy to unlock a part of your personality and access the skills stored in you.


Overall, implants are not required - but they are very helpful and easy to retrieve skills from your lives that you have lived or experienced - they are time information that prevents access to all the skills stored in you - you can extract them yourself without our help but with our help will make your job much easier. ;)






We would like to provide you with information about the first of the major implants that are ready for you and can help you on your journey - it is a "NEUTRAL IMPLANT" that you can read more about in the Kryon series of learning books, specifically this book:  Kryon - Book 1


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