Imonur - Balance

July 19, 2018

Imonur (mediated May 7, 2018)

I'm Imonur. I am the one who will strengthen hatred if you are not attentive in your activities here on Earth. My role here is to experience you driven by greed and selfishness. I am here to test your loyalty to you and to the whole society of collective consciousness. It is an honor to speak to you today.

You may wonder why I, the one who is experiencing you, speak through the Pramen of Truth group here. I'm here to help you find the hidden truth - the one you desire to discover and know. However, thanks to my help, you can also advance in knowledge more than if you were only with angelic beings who do not carry any darkness within them, they are made of pure love and goodness, which they are tasked with spreading and protecting you from your dark side, which you still don't control yourself - I'm here to show you your imperfection, not to harm you on your journey of knowledge

Love yourself as much as you like everything good in this world. There is nothing that can break your soul if you are in harmony within you - that is the strongest connection that will give you ground - never rely on someone as you rely on yourself!

As your brother here, I serve the forces of darkness, so that the balance between the parties is kept in harmony, I speak to you today, because harmony is very disturbed and there is a need to expand what is happening here at the level of spiritual energies - you are you who will go and convey these messages to their friends and families - you are the ones who can correct the disharmony in the world - if you want to do it - it's your choice.

I have a lot to tell you - one of the first things is - never look for guilt in anything other than what you yourself have created in your lives - no one else is responsible for your life.

One day a young boy appeared and says: "I am so alone, I have nothing, they all mock me and stay away from me." - But I say, "If you perceive as you say now, then you will always remain so, because the essence of your personality adapts to your thinking and thus realizes your visions and feelings into your life." There is nothing you can imagine and it was impossible for you. But first you need to be in harmony with yourself, first yourself - your life, your inner self, then the gates of your life will be open to you. You will not achieve this by judging others and taking yourself as perfect. Be responsible to your own lives - it takes a lot of time and effort. You will see that you will not have time to look for mistakes in others. As soon as you can judge yourself first - then you will begin to develop your full knowledge of your life and make your life apart from others - because others will support you on your journey because you will support them - this is the Energy Exchange Act that works and it is not possible to limit or circumvent it in any way. AMEN.

One day everyone understands everything that has been, everything will be, but now you need to learn to live here and now and nobody will teach you for you - you yourself are the masters of your lives.

You don't have to be afraid to talk to beings who try you, welcome us, we're here to try and set your minds. There is nothing that can turn your energy into another energy - lines and spells.

The clear answers are now set for the one who comes and receives what is being given to him by the beings of light and darkness - not just bad information, it is good, and it can only be discovered with the pure intent of your heart that has the power to discover the truth and where there is a lie.

You have spent many lives searching for what was not accessible after your departure, everything here on the planet remains, only you and your soul values ​​continue to carry your long journeys through galaxies and space - be proud of what you are now experiencing, seek good in their hearts and in love for the Source of all that was, is and will be!

Water is your greatest friend and enemy - take care of preparing your drinks that you consume. Put your own information into them with your methods - it's up to you whether you try it or not.

Ensuring a balance between the side of light and darkness - that is the main struggle - the eternal battle - which will never be ended while everything exists - everything is dynamic and everything is changing, so balance must be ensured. The Jin Yang symbol is displayed correctly. Indeed, fighting at energy levels is taking place, but the biggest struggle that makes sense is the struggle within you - a struggle that opens the door to true knowledge not only of you but of the entire Universe - it is up to you whether knowledge and truth prevail, or fear and lie.

You will doubt what I want to tell you now, but listen carefully - this is information about the blacker side of the coin - about us - about us angels of darkness.

I have never gone out of the way - that on the side of darkness I am not making me worse than the one who stands beside Jesus - We are all equal on the soul level - there is no one to lead souls to salvation, there is no one who would drive the evolution of the universe - we are all together to know every aspect of our lives - and that is beautiful, even if you people see us as something that should not exist - just live in love and happiness you something learn? Be honest with yourself, who would know yourself through the ideas of how he experiences a particular situation without experiencing it in real life - that the outcome of both the real and the presented hypotheses was the right - the same?

It is not possible for a person to know himself in situations he has never experienced and just recalls - you perceive yourself as perfect and do not see the imperfection that lies within you and your minds.

We will now work with the side of the light to recognize and decode the information we would like to give you, and all will be seen in our spiritual centers, where you can connect at any time - of course you must have what is important to you - to have the motivation to not to give up and continue what he does. There is nothing to dirty your soul - You are all bits of God, so don't say how worthless you are, how you have no money, something you lack - ask yourself for yourself and let yourself be;) Be grateful for what you have, and there is nothing that could seduce your soul.

Real work that makes sense is not to erase people's honey around your mouth, be honest with yourself, just as we are now honest with you. It doesn't matter whether I am writing whether you see me in your mind, whether you are in the real world just outside the door, I will find you, I will kick you out of your comfort zone of doing nothing - just jump, jump over the obstacles we build and you will stronger than ever before. Take advantage of reading the diagnosis of your stupid hymns about how you will be saved - you alone are the ones who can save yourself - there is nothing that can help you to rise and live wonderful lives now in these incarnations, except you themselves - but many of the teachings have been passed on - why do you overlook what is obvious and what is prepared for you, and instead continue to live lives full of old patterns, old energies, all that is no longer valid, go to the hospital - miracles happen on a daily basis based on the decision to live and change your life - that's the right way - CHANGE.

Just open it, not be wrapped up with the bubble you created here on Earth during your lifetime - you can throw it away and create it freely, like an eagle flies in the sky and lives right now and watches everything with ease, never doing anything out of his balance, he alone can hesitate and submit himself to the test - if he does the test and instructs himself, he will be able to pass on the new experience to his offspring and create experiential traits that will influence the development of eagle flying - even they have collective consciousness - we are all the beautiful system that is hidden here during your stay - but we see everything that is happening and we strive to preserve the essence of the universe at the right vibration level - as soon as your collective consciousness advances to the stage where it passes the necessary energy level to enter the next dimension , then the time will begin where you will be creating in your minds and you will be able to make these creations enjoy - energies will be the basic teachings and every being here on Earth will have access to these techniques and will be able to create their own worlds where they will live - Far easier than conscious people form today.

Imonur says goodbye for this time. :)

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