Konfucio is comming back

May 1, 2018

Konfucio (mediated 1.5.2018 by Fountain of Truth)


The eleventh year, which in today's process turns out to be the year of fertility and soul healing, remember this time, it's the last period before the high energy jump that is now available. Believe it or not, you will experience many changes in your lives from now on - the change will not only manifest itself in the physical plane but also in the spiritual and astral levels, where you will all be taught new knowledge and techniques that you will discover during specific life situations.


Many of you have already experienced a lot of big changes in your lives - but it is just the beginning, you are entering new energies, new laws, everything will be told, but do not rush. The transition from 11 to 12. Time-space waves are preceded by waves of vibrations that are gradually preparing you to start asking what's going on? Why is it hapenning? Who I am? Why am I now here on planet Earth? Why am I experiencing what I am experiencing, and the others are all right ?! All these are questions of the new age, everyone gradually realizes himself and his own personalities, who until now have covertly controlled each of you people. It was due to the energy of the shift that until now you have perceived especially the 3D plane, but now it will recede and fall in the 5D patterns - what you have already known is not what you once thought obvious - learn to work in the present the system of the patterns of change - everything is happening now, do not plan anything, do not stop at what has been, everything is happening now and enjoy everything. There is no reason for you to lose your energy in times you are not experiencing. Go to your dream by living right now - that is your life, enjoy it every second, whether it is beautiful or not, whether you are disappointed or not. Everything is part of your life, so experience it with your heart, watch the world change, watch nature speaks to you, many messages are coming to you now, just open and these messages will be heard.


This moment has been given many eons of years back - I come here to give you the teachings that will show you the right direction to go to know yourself, your divine nature, your life energy that will glow your entire personality with information if you allow it - Be open to what is already in you, you have experienced a lot during your lives, let everything emerge and surface to your reality. All you need is to end old systems, old patterns that limit you, and get ready to change the energies that surround you and that you are constantly using to create your reality.


Many of you have already ended the cycle of life - many masters are now on Earth, many of you are already working to open up their skills that they want to use to learn about life and spread the truth among all those who walk to light. However, many of you have not yet found the right answers to find - now I will tell you - seek within you - seek for yourself - why look elsewhere - you yourself are connected to your divine essence - you yourself can ask for connection with God - The source of everything - be proud that you have decided to come here at this time to raise humanity and with it Gayiu - your mother, who has been with you in this quest since you were chosen by God - Source everything to see if the genuine essence of the soul can manifest itself in such a harsh environment as the material worlds - 3D universe, 3D principles of creation, 3D behavior, 3D veil that almost nothing goes - But be open now, uncover the veil and look for the truth, seek out what makes you feel the soul of your soul - seek what will satisfy your mind, seek out what has been hidden from you until now - open your eyes the new world.

I incarnate now at this time into one of you. I am here with you friends, brothers, sisters, we will seek the truth together!


Now I come here at this time to be one of those who will contribute to humanity to know about you, to discover the truth together, one can do nothing, but in collective consciousness there is a force that moves the entire universe. Choose whether you want to live in lie and fear, or you want to live right now in the time of discovering the truth and feeling confident in you and ready to be afraid and spread the truth among your friends.


I have long been prepared for this moment when I can incarnate here on Earth with my experiences, with my energies, everything becomes part of the whole, and if people are open to the truth, then the time that comes, that overcomes all your dreams, your imagination , nothing will be as it might seem. You have the power to create, create according to your purest intent, and you will live in a kingdom that is nowhere on the World - just here with you on Earth - Consider what you have here, you have everything you ask for, you have everything here you would like to be grateful for what you have, and you will see the energy that surrounds everything you do, the energy that will make your life your world - but you must have the strength and determination to create this world, one who doubts and suffers, indulges then, in these heavy feelings, which burden his heart and mind, he does not call anything but the re-experience of these feelings - all he can do to overcome these difficulties - so faith and love in the Source - in God - because everything is part of it - each soul, every stone, every atom, everything is a part of everything - so when you feel lonely, go inside and connect with your loved ones - let it be yours Goofy, Your intent to connect with someone's energy is a very powerful energy that travels all the way across galaxies, no matter where you are right now, You can connect with this person and be with him at the moment, though not on physical level. Continue on your journey with this awareness, and you will never feel alone in your lives.


I have lived many lives here on Earth to rise among the ascended masters, but you also have the opportunity to join us - now in your lives !!!! Master energy is at your disposal, everyone is waiting to call their names, they are ready to give you strength if your heart asks for it. You now have the opportunity to become masters here on Earth, become those who will influence the course of history, fix your eyes on the light, see the glow of the Source that calls you light workers who are looking for the truth and are ready to act independently of your thinking - see inside you, you will find the truth of yourself, your soul, who is with you and who always accompanies you - be calm within you and there is nothing that can control your mind, calm your thinking as you cradle a small child, cry out and Your thoughts will calm down and there will be silence that will allow you to know you yourself.

This is how I would end today's connection and believe that I will soon be able to reunite with you and convey another message of love and truth. Amen, Confucius! :)





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