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The power of your energy - QI GONG

"Qi gong (Qi Kung) can be described in the broadest sense as the art of keeping your health in good shape for as long as possible and slowing down the course of body and mind aging.

At first, a person is young and full of strength, feels the center of the universe, is able to handle much, plans the future. But time is rapidly diminishing and one begins to understand the limitations of his possibilities. With increasing age, disease is increasing. Nobody wants it, but it's life. In their forties, many often recognize the need to think about their health. We all have a physical body, and therefore we have no illnesses that cause considerable difficulties and problems not only to the person himself, but also to his loved ones. Often a person suffers from not being self-sufficient.

Every person has their own problems, be it poor or rich. It is important to learn to understand the sequence of events, to be able to put the indications of your destiny into context, to be able to agree on your emotional state and to learn from each situation, which is a prerequisite for further development.

Qi gong is a tool through which you can improve your health and mental condition, get rid of illnesses, understand the world around you in relation to the universe, achieve happiness - life happiness, happiness of mutual understanding, happiness.

Why do we practice Qigong? Why do we go to the cinema, to the theater, to the concerts. Just because we meet art there. And the result is gaining knowledge, good mood and just mentioned happiness… Qigong is a higher kind of art…

With Qigong, we develop ourselves, gain wisdom, knowledge, and ability. This process of knowledge does not matter age. Therefore, even in old age, you can do more than usual. You will live more interestingly and not be bound to your body.

In the last few minutes you will have enough power to do what you want.

I look forward to these changes of yours. "

Yours sincerely, Marian Volanský

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