"Everyone has a gift, that can enrich another human's life."

Personal Mandalas

We will be happy to create personal harmonization mandalas for you that will help you with a certain tuning according to your requirements (eg calming down, harmonization, or one that we will load just for your personal development).

Really important are the Life Mandalas - everyone have their own personal "disks", on which they have written everything important that he came to do here, and not only that is shown in the life mandala.

Energy Diagnostics

We are all made up not only of material structure, but also of energy structure, which is very important to all of us too. The settings of our energies points us to what may happen to us soon, or reveals what gifts do we have stored inside.

- Energy diagnostics of the current state

- Energy diagnostics of the highest potential

Energy Harmonizing

Harmonizing your energy system to your potential state can help you to achieve your goals, your personal development, or whether it's pain, emotional blocks, creativity - everything is affected by your energy setting.


We can help you to set your energy system to its maximum potential, which only lasts as long as you can maintain this state. Tuning is possible in person or from far away from home to home at the agreed time.

Spiritual E-books


Here we offer you a few basic perspectives on life, which we've read from the very inside of our hearths that is our fountains of knowledge, if we get the necessary "keys" to unlock them during our lives.

Maybe you will use these "keys" that we've used too in these e-books to open your very own gates of knowledge.

Public response:

Meeting with Fountain of Knowledge has changed my life. Now I do know what this life is about and how to live it - with love and knowledge - which are not just empty words.

I have been involved in esoterics for many years and what I gained from this group has confirmed all my visions that I'm having for so many years. Thank you so much.

I am grateful that there are people who are looking for what is really important in our life and also help others to find a way to rediscover themselves and the whole universe.

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"Togather we will rediscover the Truth."