"Togather we will find the Truth,

that everyone desires to know."

This blog is made of our group  activities. We are receiving many messages and  knowledge during our lives, so we are publicing them for everyone who seeks for higher understanding.

Some of posts are very important, some are motivational and some of them contain very deep wisdom. You will find it yourself when you read them ;)

Here you can find messages about the life, about the systém of duality which is very important for all of us to understand, new techniques and methods how to improve our lives and how to get deeper understanding.

There are many things, but here we are spreading only some basics. Hope you will find what are you looking for! :) Fountain of Knowledge.

There was one ordinary firefly wandering through the world, glowing for its journey with its shining glow. And she began to have a desire to see beyond her shine...

We greet you brothers and sisters, who are doing important tasks for us, important to us all.

It's been a couple of time jumps that seemingly nothing significant...

Again, I love you beloved, for this time is the gift of the Father-Source many can be done to you just as much as you can be done for you, for the mother of Gaia...

Greetings again my beloved. It is time for me to show more of my well of truths about you.

There are many of you who have not yet come to know my nature and rol...

I, the ruler of time - Chronos.

Greetings to you who are reading this entry here. My name is CHRONOS, it is the name under which I manifest here on your Earth,...

Again, I greet you with my beloved, who is open to your heart and has received my word to see.

Those who read these words with an open heart, free of mind, boun...

I greet you again because I led the scorekeeper to act, surely forgive me. Oh yes, but first it has to be strengthened, that is clear to me, for this communicati...

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Fable: About a firefly

April 16, 2019

Message: Council of Masters

April 16, 2019

Message: Christus part 5.

January 29, 2019

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"Togather we will rediscover the Truth."

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