"The best investments are those that will help you rediscover your Truth."


Energy Drawings 

These drawings made in a state of meditation are an energy expression of your Higher Self. Thanks to these images you can harmonize your way through your life.

The image serves to connect you to your essence – Your Higher Self through the meditation and also it has the unconscious effect of harmonizing your energies in your home where it is placed.


Personal Mandalas

We are able to provide you with personal harmonizing mandalas to help you with a certain harmonizing effects according to your requirements.
But what is important - Life Mandals - everyone has their own personal disk, where everything important is written about his true nature everything is shown in the life mandala. AMEN.


Energy Diagnostics

We are all made up not only of material structure but also of energy that is very important. Energy settings can tell us what awaits you soon, or it can uncover what gifts you have stored. There is a lot of what this diagnosis reveals!
Diagnostics will show you your entire personal chakra system, analyze your life energy qi, and also show the beings that accompany you on your journey.


Master's Harmonizing

Setting your energy system to its harmonized state - whether it's pain, emotional blocks, creativity - everything is influenced by your energy setting.
We can help you by setting your energy system to its maximum potential, but it only lasts as long as you can keep it by your lifestyle.
Tuning can be done personally or from home.


Personal Messages

Everyone have many beings who wishes to convey to them in these lives the messages, whether they are guides, personal spiritual masters, guard angels ... There are many things they would like to pass on to you - we can write this message and send it to You.
Believe that through these texts, which will only be your personal, comes the truth. A message from the beings closest to you that can help you on your way!


Meeting with the group has changed my life. I know from part what this life is about and how to experience it - with love and knowledge - which are not just empty words.

I have been doing the esoteric for many years, and what I got from the group has confirmed all my visions I have had for so many years. Thank you.

I am glad to find such people who are looking for what is really important in life and also helping others find their way to themselves and to the whole universe.

© 2018 Pramen Pravdy (Fountain of Truth)

"Togather we will rediscover the Truth."