Fountain of Knowledge

"Everything is stored within us,

we just have to rediscover it."

About Us

We are a group of ordinary people who are interested in rediscovering the True about life. The True that can show all people their true potential that they can achieve during their lives. That is what is really important in our life.


Through cooperation between each of a group member, who are mutually supportive and complement each other with their experience, skills and abilities, we devote ourselves to the preparation of important texts that can change the world view for those who want to know what is really important. We can't do many things alone, but togather we will achieve a lot. :)

Our story

During many years, when we were learning self-awareness and development of ourselves, we woke up and togather we have discovered our abilities, which are required to get know who are we, why are we here and why right now? All of these questions are partly answered and still we are learning much more during our lifes here on Earth through our life lessons, that we experience with love and understanding.


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"Togather we will rediscover the Truth."

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